AI Powered Customer Engagement

Boost customers’ loyalty and sales using Artificial Intelligence.


Tactful is AI-powered and data-centric customer engagement technology. Tactful is the next generation AI-powered contact center platform.

Unlike traditional contact center and helpdesk solutions that only optimize the workload, Tactful uses AI and real-time analytics to provide 360-view of the customer and empower customer care agents to deliver personalized and rewarding experience across digital platforms.


Businesses Lose Over $75 Billion Every Year Due To Poor Customer Service.

- Forbes


67% of customers have become “serial switchers” who regularly switch brands because of a poor customer experience.



Frontline staff have a very high turnover, and businesses often struggle to retain good staff. These jobs have TWICE the average turnover of all other industries.



It costs up to $15k to backfill one frontline employee. In addition to the obvious hard costs of turnover, there are also some indirect costs to consider; for example, missed business opportunities, poor service and damaged reputation.


Deploy AI at Scale and at Speed


Pre-configured AI agents

Training AI models is a complicated job and can take weeks, or even months, of your valuable time. Our AI agents are shipped pre-trained on many real-life scenarios so we have done the hard work for you.

Our natural language processing technology is multilingual so you can engage with your clients in any language.


Active learning AI technology

Our AI In the Loop (AIL) technology boosts your customer service team’s efficiency by several order of magnitude. It provides real-time recommendations and automation so your customer service team can respond faster and with much-improved accuracy.

Our AIL technology is constantly learning and improving by monitoring the interactions between your customer service team and the end user. Tactful can achieve a great degree of autonomy in a very short time.


Built-in AI skills

Using its built-in AI skills, Tactful follows, and learns from, the conversations that you have with your customers.

We have designed many sales, marketing, and customer support skills so you can get up to speed immediately, without the need for software or AI knowledge, and without the need to spend substantial time and effort on building sophisticated flows and dialogs.


Channel agnostic solution

Tactful works across all your customers’ channels. It provides a consistent omnichannel experience for your clients across all digital platforms.

By using our Live Chat technology, your customer service team will stay focused while handling multiple conversations on multiple channels.


Powerful insights

Tactful helps you to make informed decisions by providing insights about your customers' needs and behaviors. Our analytical engine includes a flexible reporting dashboard so you can visualize and track what matters most for your business.


Flexibility meets control

We know that implementing AI can be precarious and that it requires very special skills and experience.

At Tactful, we make it easy to deploy, and manage, AI agents at scale by using our integrated, intuitive, configuration and control dashboard. You can import information, like existing knowledgebase, or connect with different channels and other systems such as CRM, merchandise and more.


Extendable and scalable

Tactful is a scalable and modular enterprise-grade solution. No matter how heavy and demanding the online traffic you receive, Tactful ensures outstanding reliability and response.

Our top-of-the-range offering - the Enterprise option - includes customization, premium support, advanced analytics, role-based access and team management across the organization.


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